Best Gaming Mice – Buying Guide

det5y6tujtythgrThere are numerous gaming mice available in the market but not all of them will help you enjoy those intense games on your PC. All gaming mice are created differently hence they provide varied levels of gaming experience. If you are a PC gamer, you must buy a gaming mouse that will make it easier for you to aim, slash, target, attack and shoot when playing PC games. To make the right choice, you need a buying guide. This will help you to understand key factors to consider when you go shopping for a gaming mouse. The guide below can help you choose the best gaming mouse

Buying guide for the best gaming mice


fert5y6ujtyfdtsrgThe types of gaming mice are many and you should make a decision based on the mouse’s intended use. Some games can be played with all-purpose mice while others require specialized mice. You can also go for premium mice, which are more optimized. Some examples of popular gaming mice include: Roccat Kova, Razer Mamba, Corsair Vengeance M65, Logitech G600, SteelSeries Rival 700, Razer Death Adder Elite, and Cougar Minos X3.

Sensor quality and speed

The quality and speed of sensor has direct effects on the accuracy and precision of gaming mice. In most cases, gaming mice with both optical and laser sensors have better tracking sensitivity and high accuracy. Faster sensors can also help you play faster. Therefore your choice should depend on how accuracy you want the tracking to be.


Comfort is a key factor to consider when buying gaming mice. The mice should be made of comfortable materials such as rubber, glossy plastic or textured plastic. The material should give you a friendly grip so that you can enjoy gaming for several hours without your hand cramping into painful claws.


The software of gaming mice influences their customization capability and dots per inch (DPI) settings. Good software provides better resolution (i.e. DPI). Gaming mice with higher DPI require less hand movements and are recommended for faster games whereas those with lower DPI are best for fine control. The DPI range for most gaming mice is between 100DPI and 8200DPI. Go for what suits your PC games.

Price and extra features

eery6rujthrgThe key price ranges for many gaming mice are as follows: $0 – $50, $50 – $100$ and above $100. Price varies based on the manufacturer, retailer, model, functionality and extra features of the mice. Cheaper mice are likely to be less functional and less pretty. More expensive ones usually provide a more comfortable touch, have customization options with more features and are more stylish. Select a gaming mouse by matching between your playing preferences and budget.…

Things To Know When Looking For A Hosting Company

3r4t5ytyfdIf you are in any form of business or want to disseminate information to many people, having a website is virtually compulsory. This necessity has resulted to establishment of numerous web hosting companies thus making it quite challenging to choose the right one. It is important to know that the experience of most users on websites significantly depend on the hosting company. Some hosting companies will make it easier for users to access your website at any time without downtimes but others can make it very difficult. Therefore the best way to choose the best hosting company is to know what you should look for in that particular company.

What to consider when choosing a hosting company

  1. Features, add-ons, scalability and limitations

The features, add-ons and limitations determine what can be done on your website. If your website is a simple blog, you require a hosting company that provide few and simple features and add-ons. But if your website is an online shopping store, it requires a variety of features and a large storage space and processing power. The hosting company your select should offer the features and add-ons you need so that your users are not limited when accessing the site. The company should also be able to meet your needs when the website needs start growing.

  1. Specialties

You should know the focus areas of the hosting company you are selecting. Different hosting companies are specialized in different areas. There are those that are most suitable for well established businesses, startups, growing companies, small blogs, etc. Others are also specialized in terms of business niche such as real estate, health, education, fashion and beauty, automotive, etc. You have to make sure that the hosting company is able to meet your specific needs.

  1. Technical support

fertukyjgmfngdfIt is very important to ensure that the hosting company has 24/7 customer support. The customer support department should be in-house and have real people to respond to your queries any time. The company should also have a variety of support levels including toll-free phone, short message service (SMS), Skype, live chant, and email, among others. Always choose a hosting company that has prioritized customer support.

  1. Price

You should balance between price and reliability of the hosting company you are looking for. Generally, a hosting company that has great features, reliable and in-house customer support department, reliable and high quality hardware, and versatility is more expensive. The most important thing is to choose a hosting company that will give value for your money.…