Advantages Of Cloud Based IT Infrastructures

4te5y6tujjhfgdThere are several advantages that businesses can get by using cloud based IT infrastructures. These infrastructures are very important nowadays and many businesses are capitalizing on them. As a matter of fact, almost all businesses today use at least one cloud based IT infrastructure every day in their service provision. But why are these businesses moving to closed based IT infrastructures? It is mainly because of the advantages of these infrastructures. Some of these advantages are discussed below

Major advantages of using cloud based IT infrastructures


The reliability and consistency of cloud based IT infrastructures are greater than those of internal IT infrastructures. Most providers of cloud based IT infrastructures guarantee almost 99.99% uptime. This means that the company will be connected and complete its tasks as long as it is connected to the internet or the system. This also allows you to work from anywhere. If one infrastructure fails, the provider quickly transfers the users to another available infrastructure.


Cloud based IT infrastructures are ideal for different businesses with fluctuating and growing demand for bandwidth. This means that the company can scale up or down their cloud capacity depending on demand. For instance, when you need more capacity during peak periods, you can easily get it. This also benefits the company financially because companies only pay for the capacity they use. Some cloud providers have also improved flexibility by developing mobile apps, which allow their clients to access services regardless of the devices they are using.

Cost savings

eyr67uykhjghfdfrFirst and foremost, cloud based IT infrastructures do not require in-built premises, such as servers. This eliminates all construction/installation, operational and administration costs associated with building, running and maintaining these premises. Instead, users only pay for the bandwidth they use. If you decide not to use the infrastructure for a certain period of time, you will not incur any charges. Also, you do not have to be a cloud IT expert for you to use cloud computing, anybody can sue it. This has made cloud based IT infrastructures very cost effective to all types and sizes of businesses.

Increased collaboration and data security

Cloud based IT infrastructures enable your team to access, share and edit documents from wherever they are at any time. This improves their collaboration, productivity and performance. Also, it is very common for any member of the team to mess up with the data and lose it due to device malfunction or theft. If this happens, you can still access the data on the infrastructure.